How Did The Neolithic Revolution Change Society Forever?


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I think this important historic phase, was so important, because it paved the way for modern civilization. Before Neolithic, hunting and gathering were the primary forms of sustenance. With the neolithic phase, came the practice of agriculture, and domestication of animals to help with the work, and to provide a stationary food source. With the cultivation of foods like wheat and grains, food storage also made it easier for people to travel long distance. The animals carrying food and equipment longer distances than man could previously go.
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Well the neolithic revolution changed the society forever by occurring the domestication of plants(agriculture) and animals(pastoralism) which made up the civilization
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As Neolithic revolution brought about the changes in the society through the technology development and also with the introduction of the various concepts like concept of land ownership. The changes and the modifications in the natural environment was also a great factor. For more details click on the link:
Neolithic Revolution 

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