How To Turn Gothic OR What Is The Gothic Way Of Life?


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Although the 'Gothic subculture' will mean different things to different people, the general perception of 'what is Gothic' usually entails an appreciation for the darker themes in life, be it in literature, art or music.

The way I'd look at the Gothic subculture is that, rather than being constrained by a set of rules that you'd need to follow to 'fit in', it is more a set of 'conventions' - so if you're interested in 'turning Gothic' as you put it, I'd suggest examining the conventions of Gothic music or Gothic fashion and picking out the aspects that appeal to you.

Having said that, going to a Goth club can be just as cliquey and pretentious as going to the trendiest scenester or hipster club-night, so be warned that you may be judged on everything from the type of boots you wear through to how you have your hair (or hair extensions) styled.

The Gothic way of life

The two main misconceptions of Gothic culture are that a) worshipping the devil is common practice and b) Goth music consists of screaming, shouting, growling and noisy distorted guitars being thrashed to death and beaten against the ground until they splinter into shards of pure darkness.

On the topic of Goths and Religion, there is nothing to say that being a follower of any religion will get in the way of being a Goth. In fact, most Gothic art and literature relies heavily on Christian themes and visiting a church can be a great way to soak up some Gothic architecture (and, yes... Writing poetry in graveyards is a cliché that is founded in reality).  

As far as Gothic music goes, it can actually be divided into a number of different sub-genres (everything from the Goth-rock of Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees through to the ultra-modern sounding EBM-influenced Apoptygma Bezerk). Although there are definitely noisy moments, Gothic music tends to be quite sombre and subdued. The misconception of it being reckless noise is probably down to the fact it gets tarred with the same brush as heavier styles of music like death-metal, thrash, or black-metal; all of which share common themes with Gothic culture, but are markedly different.

Turning Gothic

As far as 'turning gothic' goes, there's no better place to start than by listening to some Gothic music to get you in the mood. Seminal bands I'd recommend you check out are as follows:

- Sisters of Mercy

- Bauhaus

- Alien Sex Fiend

- Death in June

- London After Midnight

Once you've got a feel for the music, you may want to make some wardrobe choices. Whilst still testing the water, you may not want to splurge out on a whole new wardrobe, even though clothing is one thing that Goths use to distinguish themselves.

Luckily, it's not necessarily all about the clothes that you wear (although sticking to the colour black is advised), although accessorizing will be key.

Internet Goths

Most Gothic-types tend to be reclusive and sullen creatures, which means that these days they spend a lot of time on the internet rather than venturing out into the light of day. This is good news for those that are after some information regarding Gothic lifestyle, clothing, and culture because there is an abundance of information available on the internet as a result.

Sites like Gothic Portal host large volumes of information on the Gothic lifestyle: For example this whole section on Gothic fashion.

Sites like host forums, event pages and are a useful hub for the online-Gothic community.

The internet can also be useful for ordering hard-to-find Gothic clothing, and this is especially useful if you don't live in a major city which is where most Gothic stores tend to be located.

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Turning gothic largely depends on what way you want to turn gothic in. Essentially the gothic culture was based on a very sting sense of individualism, creativity, its tolerance towards diversity, its opposition for social conservatism as well as tendency to be Cynical. The spiritual and the supernatural also play a very important role in their day to day life. In terms of clothing they generally wear black and also adorn themselves with necklaces or beads and thick black eye colors and different hairstyles. It is a common misconception that turning gothic required you to worship Satan. The truth in fact is that many Goths today believe in secularism as well as various other religions or then become followers of certain other spiritual practices. Therefore only if one's own ideologies match those of the Gothic way of life, it'd be much easier to become a follower.
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Well first of all. Are you really Gothic? People aren't going to want to see a poser. To not be a poser don't wear what everybody else wears. BE DIFFERENT Make your own clothes! LOL Okay you want to wear as much black as you can, but make variations: Black/Red Black/Yellow Black/Blue Black/White Etc... Wear chains, a choker necklace can easily look real by taking ribbon or a necklace and wrapping it around your neck really tight. Keep it in place with string or a rubber band, or a pony tail! BE Creative! Wear lots of eyeliner. But only if you want. I'm a Goth and I wear barely any makeup at all. Write Gothic poems, read Gothic stories! Hope this helps!
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Ghost,isolation of victims,omen,very descriptive language, pathetic fallacy, highy emotive reactions
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Ok were Lots of Eye liner (Optional) and Chose a style of goth being a normal goth or being some thing like a Lolita style of goth (Jap Style) like me ^-^ and goths can be a mixture like Emo-Goth Or Punk-Goth Like me ^-^ and also you can (if you want) worship Satan (the devil) and, Raise spirts, Were black, Buy fishnets Eg Golves, Stokings... Ect, and yea, thats all I got. =) hope I helped =)
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The gothic features consist of skeletal stone structures with immense expanses of glass, pointed arches using the ogive shape, ribbed vaults, clustered columns, sharply pointed spires, flying buttresses and inventive sculptural detail such as gargoyles and even butterflies attacking men.

Some of the unique features within Gothic cathedrals and churches are Antependium which is a decorated frontispiece to an altar, Canopy is an art work that is generally placed on pillars, Column figure which is a decorative shaft that is located within a portal, Iconography which is mostly painted upon wooden panels, Lady chapel which is usually found in all the Notre Dames.

Some of the other famous gothic features include Latin cross which is a cross wherein one arm is longer than the other three, usually the base arm. It is the most recognized Crucifixion cross among Christians across the globe. Some of the other features include Maesta, Pieta, Relic, Retable, Ridge turret, Roundel, and Tabernacle.

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