What is Emo? Is it the Same as Gothic?


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Although the subculture that is currently referred to as 'Emo' does have elements of Goth influence, the two sub-cultures are markedly different, and originated from scenes that were far-removed from each other.

Origins of Emo

The origin of the 'Emo' subculture can be traced back to the hardcore punk scene of Washington D.C.

Pioneering bands such as Rites of Spring were involved in a style of music that derived from the concept of 'hardcore' punk (which itself is a heavier, high-octane offshoot of what was originally considered 'punk').

This new style was seen as more melodic and expressive than simple hardcore, and so the terms 'emotional hardcore' or 'emo'  were coined.

Origins of Goth

Gothic rock music, on the other hand, was influenced by a very different punk scene. Goth was an offshoot of the post-punk rock that emerged in 1980s Britain, and was a slower, keyboard-heavy and more melancholy affair.

The evolution of Emo

Between the mid-90s and today, Emo culture and music has undergone something of an evolution.

Musically, although Emo's sound maintained its melodic, high-tempo core, it began to draw influences from genres across the alt-music spectrum, ranging from grunge to goth.

This amalgamation of several youth sub-cultures was reflected in the fashion sense of the Emo tribe, which became the subject of disdain from 'purists' of different genres who saw Emos as 'stealing' or 'mimicking' certain aspects of various sub-cultures, without fully immersing themselves in any of them.

This was particularly true of the Gothic sub-culture, whose dress sense and sullen, morose themes appealed to the Emo genre - even though the Goth sound didn't.

Emo rose in popularity during the 2000s with bands like Jimmy Eat World (and later My Chemical Romance), and its blend of influences and increasingly pop-sounding sensibilities meant that it began to veer towards a mass-market of angst-ridden teenagers, and further away from its hardcore punk roots.

Emo fashion  

Emo fashion also evolved alongside the music. Whilst the hardcore punk scene increasingly adopted skater brands, sportswear, crew cuts and a relatively basic approach to fashion, Emo developed a million miles in the other direction. Slim-fit jeans became an Emo fashion staple (with some even going so far as to wear their younger sister's jeans), and so did studded belts, Emo band t-shirts and hooded tops.

Gothic influences - such as the use of black nail-polish or heavy eye-liner - also became prevalent.

Ironically, although Emo was criticized for borrowing from other genres, it perhaps received the most criticism for its distinct hairstyles: Long, side-swept fringes for boys, and choppy, multi-layered black hair with brightly-colored highlights for girls.

Suicide teens and negative press

The general antipathy felt towards Emos by other youth sub-cultures resulted in the term being used to negatively describe and stereotype angst-ridden, emotionally unstable teens who used a musical fad as a means to vent their relatively-trivial problems. Themes like self-harm, and writing depressing poetry about the heartache felt during high-school relationships became synonymous with Emo culture and music, and were used to portray the genre in a negative, over-sensitive light.

However, the 'fad' took a much more serious turn with the emergence of several high-profile cases of teen suicide amongst people who identified with the sub-culture, and Emo was subsequently criticized by parents' groups and the media for glamorizing death and suicide.

The negative connotations associated with current Emo culture can be summed up in the lyrics of a song entitled 'Emo kid' by androgynous American singer Jeffree Star (which was rather ironic considering that Star himself rose to popularity on the back of a huge teen following on social network MySpace).

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EMO does Not mean they cut(some do but a lot don't) a lot of people think that emos cut but most don't! Emo is just a different. Gothic usually listens to hard rock and likes dark colors and dresses dark.. For me as myself I dress in black a lot but most of the time I wear normal clothes cause my mom doesnt like me wearing all the black a lot... And I don't like the head banging music. So I look at myself as a different type of goth. A more better goth. There are different types of Goths like - Me likes black and the clothes not music or like a FULL Goth which wears heavy makeup.wears black 24/7, listens to the music... So NO they are not the same! So hopefully I have helped.
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No, but their style is quite Similar. Emo simply stands for Emotional-(I think although some people say this is false.) They take there feeling very seriously. Here is a defention I got off the computer=Wears lots of eyeliner  [sometimes even guys], skate shoes or converse, skinny jeans, tight shirts, etc. Emo haircuts are usually short and part of the bangs usually cover part of the eyes. This is obv 1 persons interpetation of an "Emo"
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Emo means that people are depressed and they cut themselves just to get their mind off of sumthing that happened like a bad tragedy or sumthing that makes them feel sad. For gothic I'm not too sure what they do but they dress really ugly.
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Wow really? Thats the most retarded thing i ever heard.. Your depressed so you go and cut yourself to feel better..lol Wheres the logic in that.. Anyway thanks again..i really had no idea what EMO meant..
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Well not all emos cut...........and I like how All goths dress its very unique and if people cant take that your saying people cant be themselfs. Im not Jugeing u or what u have said im voiceing my opinion I cant control how u take what I have said so sorry if It comes out Wrong =)
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Emo are the ones who wear all black all the time, likes scizzors, Joan Jett, the music, probably has their room painted red and black. That is emo I think but there are emo/goths. They can be both really.
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They are not the same thing, As you can see I'm a Gothic punk, I kinda used to be an emo but I didn't "Cut" so too speak, I dug my nails into myself When ever I was Afraid or Upset And now I have Scars all the way down my legs...As some peeps have said Emo stands For emotional, and well not all emos are, they might like to dress Emo but that dosn't mean their truly Emo. I'm Goth so For Example; I'm into Seeing dead people (no jokes If you don't believe me well thats your thinkin) And Heavy meatl music, And I worship satan (the devil too a degre.) I'm what you call a Jap style goth its called Lolita/Goth so I were skirt-pants and Jackets. So not all goths are the same... So In short thier not the same thing. Hope I helped =)
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Emo stands for emotional. Simple as that.
Goths are into dark death, spirits, stuff like that.
Emo kids are sad from maybe bullying or bad parents.
Honestly I think its an attention thing. Js.
No offense if you're emo. Lifes great though. Ditch your parents or school n live life man.
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Emo - means emotive hardcore.

It is a sub genre of hardcore punk formed in Washington in 1985. It is basically punk but instead of the lyrics being about rebellion, they're about people talking about their lives.

Goth - has it's many meanings.

1. A Germanic tribe including Ostrogoths and Visigoths who invaded Rome between the 3rd and 5th century.

2. A type of building used in Medieval times and some in Victorian times.

3. A book genre which books like Dracula and Frankenstien were written in.

4. A offshoot sub genre of punk.

5. A subculture (which brings in the fashion, music and lifestyle all together)

6. Kids who think they're Goth but listen to nu-metal and who know nothing about the subculture at all.
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Gothic is a fairly open-minded culture when it comes to exploring anything that is "not of the norm." Religion is no exception.

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Not really. Emo's are emotional, they don't really live life someof them than others. One of the listed are not realted to emo wich is girly girl. They are extravagent and have theire own feelings about themself and always stand upon them. Gothics are dark spirits and fantastical type of history. Emo is emotional and deep true hearted and never has a deed to set them alone. Sometimes I act emotional because I can't resist it.

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