What Do You Think Of Goths, Emos, Punks And Skaters?


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Goths, emos, punks and skaters are all 'scenes' or 'sub-cultures' that you may find increasingly represented on the internet, at school and on television. I personally think that all four are interesting for the music and fashion that has come out of their communities.

I'm often influenced by all four scenes- Goth, Emo, Punk and Skater are all represented in the clothes I wear and what music I listen to. I believe that just because you enjoy part of a scene, doesn't mean you have to follow every convention that the label represents, I enjoy mixing and matching random elements of all four to create my own unique style.

Goth scene

The thing I like most about the Goth style is that it's theatrical and fun. Sometimes you get up and don't feel like wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and goth clothing can interesting and varied. I like the big boots like New Rocks- and the make-up and hairstyles are really creative.

When I'm not feeling hyper and energetic, chilling out and listening to a Goth band like Sisters of Mercy or Bauhaus really appeals to me.

Emo scene

Whilst the Emo scene gets a bit of a bad rap, I think there are loads of aspects to Emo that are actually quite interesting. I like mixing up the skinny jeans look with quirky accessories- one of my favourite belts is a studded purple leopard print design. I also like the contrast of black clothes with bright colours and no one does that better than Emo. I'm not too keen on the fringe hanging over the face look on guys- but then again I did have something similar when I was in 10th grade!

Punk scene

The punk scene is cool because it influenced so many other scenes. Both goth and emo originated as a form of punk (goth=80s post-punk, emo=emotional hardcore punk). I listen to a lot of old school punk like Ramones, Dead Kennedys and Misfits, but I also like some of the 'pop' sounding more modern stuff like AFI, Blink 182 and Pennywise.

Skater scene

Considering most skaters listen to some form of punk music, I already approve of the skater crowd because of this. Also some of the skater labels come out with clothing and shoes that have really trendy designs but are also very comfortable to wear. I'm a big fan of Vans sneakers, but I've also worn DC and Etnies too. Zero and ZooYork are other skate labels I own clothing by even though I don't skate (because my balance is terrible!).

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Personally I don't really care what a person thinks he/she is but I go by the real personality of that person and basically people are people and have no need to impress me  but will accept you as you and give the same respect as one gives me
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I just don't like it how they label themselves, I mean sure goths have their own style and thats fine. But I don't know I just don't like how they are all labeled. For emo's it's the same thing just I hate how they hurt their body. Punks I don't really care. And skaters, well they like to skate and nothings wrong with it lol
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I think it's cool that they can find a sense of style and create a label for themselves. I hate schools that have dress codes. It's good to be individual and learn to discover yourself.
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Neji Shaul
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I love that Comment Its so True!! I am an Gothic Punk And I reckon people Over think Punks they arnt really That bad, well im not.......Well I hope so =/ I dont veiw myself as not careing Because I Do care =)
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I respect emos way of life,but I hate the part of hurting them selves,but they are different &I like that.
I like skaters ana I hoped to be one of them,but unfortunately I couldn't...
Punks I hate them...
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I like skaters their alote of fun to be around.goths are interesting,punks I don't really like that much,and I have alote of emo frnds their pretty cool.
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Maxine Chan
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I agree even though I have not met any of the goths, emos, and punks... Of course I am emo myself and my friend has a friend that is emo.

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