Do You Think Emos And Goths Are Weird?


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People who are unfamiliar with the Goth and Emo scenes may have trouble understanding what certain aspects of the subcultures are all about, especially with regards to certain wardrobe trends and fashion statements. For this reason, Goths and Emos may seem 'strange' or 'weird' for their unconventional choices, whilst someone who is more familiar with the scenes might view the same aspects as creative or inspired.

Clothing is one medium through which 'scenes' or 'sub-cultures' define and distinguish themselves. Often, in communities like the Goth and Emo scenes, kudos is placed on being creative, individual and even eccentric. So, whilst wearing tight fitting PVC trousers usually more appropriate to being worn in an S&M club might seem trendy or cool within a certain context, to outsiders it may seem just plain weird!

Are Goths and Emos weird or just individual?

One argument that you'll hear from Goths and Emos is that the whole point of their clothing, music and culture is to stand out and rebel. Both Goth and Emo had their origins in different forms of punk so, by definition, are counter-cultures that are designed to go against the grain and appear rebellious and non-conformist. This will invariably lead to people who have only a marginal understanding of the scene finding it bizarre.


Whilst it's always considered positive to express yourself and be individual, there may be circumstances where a Goth or Emo may want to tone down their appearance or mannerisms so as to conform to social conventions and attract less attention. Examples of such situations include (but are not limited to):

  • court appearances
  • job interviews
  • a great-aunt's funeral
  • travelling to countries where witchcraft is still punishable by death

Ultimately, it shouldn't really matter how someone chooses to dress, although it's worth bearing in mind that all of us are susceptible to first impressions and will be influenced by someone's appearance, no matter how open-minded we may be.

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There is nothing wrong with it! I love bands like that such as greenday and paramore. Y ru emo or goth? And is that you in your profile picture?
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Neji Shaul
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R u askin me if thats me on my profile Picture Or r u Talkin 2 some 1 else and If u r talkin 2 me Then Yea thats me!! =)
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Depends. Some people like, others, don't
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No. I just think they're weird if they pretend to be emo or goth. But the actual ones aren't weird.
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I do not think they are weird at all:) I think they are normal to me like everyone else. You look scene in your picture. Is that you?
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I kinda think that they are diffrent but I personally don't think that there is not anything wrong with expressing yourself the way you want to me thats just like saying happy and bright ppl are werid <not true ) just be your self.....and anyone who has a problem with it just tell them to deal with it or just simply walk away :) - ps express yourself :) ! .
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They are not weird they are human beings , just like us , just because they look a certain way doesn't mean they are wierd . I love emos but I don't know about goths but don't judge them though its not nice . Look what is in them in the inside for example their personality ..etc  but don't look at them on the outside .
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Yes, cause they want everything be as they're accustomed too and they get annoyed when they notice someone not like them
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Some people don't understand the way they see things and thats why they think their a little weird but really not as much anymore x
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I am also a gothic emo, I love them in fact they understand me more than anyone on earth I love who I am anyone who thinks that their weird can just shut-up.

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