Why Did Costa Rica Want To Become Independent?


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In the year of 1821, Costa Rica became a self-governing state. It was a part of Spain before it became independent. There are many reasons why this state wanted to grow to be independent. First, there was poorness in the country and settlers of Costa Rica had to work on their property themselves. The entire area of Costa Rica was left by Spain to build up on its own. After a while, Costa Rica began to enlarge as a more democratic nation than the places located near Costa Rica.
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Costa Rica became an independent state in 1821. Before that, it was a part of Spain. It was the first country in the world that constitutionally abolish its army. There were various reasons why this state wanted to become independent. First of land, there was poverty in the country and Costa Rican settlers in Spain had to work on their own land themselves. The entire region of Costa Rica was left or neglected by Spain to develop on its own. Through time, many idiosyncrasies were built up as Costa Rica began to develop as a more egalitarian society than the regions located near to it. In 1938, Costa Rica formally proclaimed itself as an independent and sovereign state.
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Cause they felt like it
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Well, noone likes it when someone else is making all the decisions for you and your beeing orderd around and your country is poor caus eof that, youd wantto get away from that, wouldnt you?

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