Why Do We Eat Cows, But Not Cats Or Dogs?


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This is purely a divide between the Eastern and Western cultures of the world.

Westerners widely will refuse to eat a Dog or Cat, scared that this is almost equivalent to consuming one's neighbour. Cats and Dogs have become so commonplace in our domestic existence - not just as mere "pets" but companions and friends - indeed many Cat and Dog owners will perhaps treat theirs like a child with treats and special clothing.

In countries such as India and Nepal, the consumption of Cows is strictly forbidden within Hindu culture. The beliefs of Hindus realise the Cow as a sacred creature - therefore these animals are never considered for sustinence but only to be cherished and cared for. Hindus are continually appalled at the level of Western cow-consumption, and find it abhorrently wrong to believe that cows should be part of our main diet (think of all the burgers and steaks that we eat).

In South East Asia it would not be unsual to find Cat on the menu in a restaurant, indeed these are offered to customers freshly skinned alive for the best possible taste. To Westerners, this is incredibly disturbing, as is the consumption of Dog which also takes place in Asian countries.

The difference between the two sides of the world is very much defined in what we choose to eat, as much as our opinions about what is "right" to eat are widely divided.

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Cats and dogs are considered pets in the west, and so-called civilised people do not eat their pets. That said, some people keep pigs as a pet ...

There is no real reason why you shouldn't eat a cat or a dog, or anyother creature, as they are all meat. You merely need to overcome your inner feelings about eating them!
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Jose Miguel Iglesias
No real reason not to eat a cat or a dog;or any other creature just
'cause there's meat on their bodies?It sounds to me like you've already been in a situation where human flesh was part of the menu.Or maybe there was no menu.I'm sorry,but ,by what you're saying I sense anger or hatred for occidental cultures.Your ironic "so-called civilised"denotes your view of the world fit for a potential menace to society abroad.You are most surely a non-occidental culture descendant,which is good.What's not good is neglecting and twisting facts:cats and dogs are animals most people choose as pets,worldwide!Or is it that in China a cat is "an omen"and pet-shops sell sharks or dragons?And what is "civilised"anyway?Overcoming personal principles 'bout right or wrong?would you eat your dog if it was hit by a car?Or your neighbor pal if he or she passed out?If you claim yourself as civilized you'd eat your neighbor but not your dog,'cause as you said "so-called civilised people don't eat their pets"
What about dogs in Phillipines.What are they "considered"?Multi-use mammals?Or rats in some Asian cultures;are they pets or pests?Get some therapy,Pi.Peace.
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That is just what is socially acceptable in our culture.  We don't want to eat pets like cats and dogs because they are in many cases considered part of the family.  Some cultures don't eat cows because of religious purposes.  Other cultures do eat dogs, some Asian cultures for instance.
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Because we think that our pets are too special. But cows are as swell. It's probably the same thing for the eastern culture. But, if we made a burger out of a cat, meat eaters probably wouldn't even notice. Just like human flesh. I hear that it taste very much like pork.
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In the western world there are moves to improve the lot of animals and campaigns for compassion in farming.

It would be a massive step backwards if we considered eating dogs and cats. There is a great deal of cruelty involved in the slaughter of these animals in the east which is hopefully unaccetable to us in the UK.
Dogs and cats give a great deal to people in terms of companionship, they are intelligent creatures with highthe caapbility to feel emotion. It might be a more civilized move to consider eating less meat and actively encurage people not to eat these animals in any form when visting such countries.
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In other countries people eat dogs
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This article is extremely stupid . They make as seem that south east Asia is primitive and still lives in the 19 th century . I'm from Canada and I live in Singapore and when you said that there are cats in almost every restaurant did you pull that out from your ass ? In rural china maybe that's true but in most SEA countries it's still considered a taboo . WE DO KEEP THEM ONLY AS PETS . Ignorant article .

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Yo Kass
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I agree with you Sean.

When I went to Korea on holiday a few people made jokes that I should watch out for restaurants serving dog. When I got there, all I found was the most amazing food I have ever eaten.

Maybe it's just other cultures jealous that their food isn't as interesting, or simply people being narrow-minded.
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It's not ok one way or the other. The world as a whole is full of disgusting, misguided knuckle draggers. I hate people.
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Many people find cats and dogs as common household pets, and in that point of view, it is sickening to eat them. Cats and dogs are supposed to be like companions or lap pets, who you fill with your love. I know you are probably thinking that cows are pets too, but it's not the same because not many people own them, seeing as the majority of people do not live on farms and cannot afford to own a cow. Also, the meat of the animals probably tastes quite different and a cow has many times more meat than cats and dogs do, so it costs less money to eat cow than cats and dogs
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Because Cats And Dogs Are Loving Pet And don't Have A Calling Meat Well...... You Can Eat Cows Because It Has A Calling Meat Which Is BEEF!! I Call My Dad Beefy!!

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