What Is The Ideology Behind Communism?


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Communism is a branch of Socialism which seeks to create a society free from all distinctions like class with the means of production being commonly owned by the people. There are several ideologies that seek to interpret communism in various ways; for example the Communist principles of the former Soviet Union were different as compared to those of the People's Republic of China which emphasized on the proletariat coming from the countryside comprising of peasants and farm workers rather than the urban proletariat.

Karl Marx who wrote the Communist Manifesto and elucidated the ideology behind communism interpreted history as based on the struggles between various classes. He elaborated on the way in which the proletariat would acquire power from the ruling capitalist bourgeoisie followed by a period in which the proletariat would rule as dictators; the rule of the proletariat would eventually lead to a stateless social organization.
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The original idea of communism was very beautiful but it cannot be successfuly done because theres always one greedball in the bucket.It is a system that involves protecting people financially by giving them equal money,hey at least no one would be homeless because of the corporate world.
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A concept of international bankers to divide the world into 2 war camps & profit from those wars.

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