What Could You Smell In World War One?


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In the trenches in world war 1 you can smell the rotting of flesh of your fellow soldiers, rat urine, gun powder making the air smoggy and difficult to breathe!
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You smell dead bodys and urine and a lot of horrible smells and dirty rats and sewers and smoke and stuff :P
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You could also smell the swidge piper under the ground coming to the serfisse as the ground breaks in half because of the bombs, hehe I'm learnign this in english so I would know quite a lot :L :L :L
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It depends on where you were.  Suppose you were in Chicago next to a bakery.  You would smell bread baking.  Neat, huh?  Or maybe, during World War One, you were standing in a temple in India.  Perhaps you would have smelled incense.  (Arent' I clever with this witty answer?)

Seriously though, in addition to the answer already posted, you would also smell poisonous gases, if you didn't get your gas mask on fast enough.

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