What Is The Nazi Logo Called?


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The Nazi logo is called a swastika, but it should not be mistaken for the religious symbol (which is also called a swastika). The religious swastika is used in countries like India, which have a predominant Hindu population.

On the other hand, the Nazi logo, which is called a swastika, was used by the members of the Nazi party in countries like Germany during the time of dictator Adolf Hitler. The Nazi swastika is in the shape of a cross which has four equal arms. Each of the four equal arms of the Nazi swastika bends to the right.

The word swastika is derived from a word in the Sanskrit language, which can literally be translated into the English language as well being or good luck. Sanskrit is an ancient language that has been spoken in India for several centuries, and is also the language in which the scriptures in many of the sacred Hindu texts are written.

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