Why Did Support For The Nazis Increase?


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Support for the Nazi party increased during the 1920s and 30s because many saw them as the main opponents of Communism. The SA took part in street battles against the Communists and the middle classes feared loss of property if Communists took over. Hitler even warned of a Communist revolution. In addition, Christians feared loss of religion.
The public had lost faith in the coalition Government of the Social Democrats. Adolf Hitler promised to solve unemployed by creating jobs with works schemes. His colleague, Joseph Goebbels, organised brilliant propaganda campaigns for the Nazis using film, posters, torchlight processions and swastika flags. He flew Hitler all over Germany to make speeches. The public began to believe Hitler's propaganda about the Jews being responsible for the depression. The Nazis also had support of big business (who feared Communism and Trade Unions), the media (newspapers, tycoons), and all those who wanted law and order.

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