Why did the weimar republic collapse in Germany? How did Hitler come to power? Which groups in Germany supported Hitler and why were they pro Nazi? How did he consolidate his power? Why was anti-Semitism central to Nazi policy?


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You must like long answers the Weimar republic collapsed beacuse it was ample to begin with it was just kinda set up to take the place of an old government without any support behind them and the collapsed beacuse the economy was so bad at its worst points it was 10 million their currency to one u.s dollar  and the people were starving and had no hope Germany was paying it's debt off to the rest of Europe and had no money for anything else it was bad which brings me to your next point hitler came to power beacuse to them he was young inspiring brilliant visionary and hope on paper he looked really good he was the hope Germany desperately needed that's why he got support beacuse no other person had his presence and at that time germans thought hed make a good ruler your third point who and why people liked him most people liked him y beacuse they didn't really have any one else to believe he provided hope for the hopeless he conciliated his powers by taking power and than masking himself chancellor for life and than he started killing his enimes one by one silently at grist and than making examples of them he was god to the German people the worshiped he was ruler of everything he told people what to wear how to act and who to hate y it was the Jews he hated no one really knows he blamed everything on the Germans  needed a scape goat they were it some say hitler hated himself so much he wanted Jews to die yes he was a Jew some say it was beacuse he had issues with his parents dad leaving mom never around but thers no definte answer but what we do know is his hate was spread though Germany beacuse hitler had such a control on the minds of the people that if he said jump you said how high or you were shot or "sent away" so hope this helps have a nice day

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