How Did Germany Under Hitler View Women?


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Hitler's three Ks stood for, 'Kinder, Kirche und Kuche,' which translates as, 'Children, Church and Cooking'. Women were frowned upon if they were seen wearing any kind of make-up or wearing trousers. Hair was to be arranged either in a bun or in plaits, but not dyed or permed. Slimming was discouraged because being slim was not thought to be good for child bearing.
The government also set up homes for unmarried mothers. These were called 'Lebensborn' (the Spring of Life) and could be recognised by a white flag with a red dot in the middle. But there were also men in these homes, in the hope that the women would go into their rooms and become pregnant and would be introduced to 'racially pure' SS men.
Posters showing what Nazis thought a women's role in life should be - a housewife and mother - were used to encourage childbearing. Hitler's attitude to women and the roll they had to play in the 3rd Reich was solely linked with the three Ks. All he wanted women for was to have babies so he could have a more populated country and therefore, more men for the army in the future.
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Well, Bob Marley liked to eat children so hitler eat them to cause they were tasty. No wonder they wanted Germany to have more children!

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