What Is The General View Of Women Today?


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Today women "most" are on top of their game,and are becoming leaders in society,as seldom as it is said women have been on the top,It has not always been bought to the forfront,but women has always been the first teachers because they were mothers and stayed at home and reared the children, credit is seldom given,but it is true......
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Well I agree with the Count but woman got a lot more power now a days then in the past and unfortunately its gone to some of the womans heads.  What I mean is that some woman think that they are better then any man and therefore don't have any respect for the manly figure, but if you think about it, who decided to let us as woman is on the action.  I'm one of the woman that had to fight my way to the top and show men that I was worthy of sharing the same table with them but I also didn't loose my respect for them, so I guess I must be one of the hot woman then because I respect them and they respect me.

You get woman that look after themselves and you get woman that don't.

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