What Was Life Like In Germany Before Hitler Rose To Power?


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After the First World War Germany`s economy was in trouble. The German dollar was crashing, the Kiser was forced in to exile and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles was devastating to the German people.
The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty agreement between the Allies, the winning countries of WW1. France, Italy, the United Kingdom and America. The treaty stated that Germany was to take full responsibility of WW1, as well Germany had to pay for all the damage that was caused by the war, Germany was also to give up some of it`s land to the Allies. Germany was reduced by about 12.5%.Germanys army was reduced by over half.  
In early 1919 the Treaty of Versailles was made public to the German people. Many of the Germans were outraged that the government had agreed to the treaty. All of this lead to many German people to lose there jobs plants and shops were being shouted down left and right. Germany was in a depression.

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