What Are The Characteristics Of Hitler?


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The main characteristics of Hitler consisted of intense duality; rigidity, or a refusal or inability to change in a significant way, caused by intense personal anxiety and insecurity; highly unnatural discipline and need for privacy; impersonality and an incapacity to have normal conversations; utter ruthlessness, an incredible capacity for hatred and a total lack of humor. He was also very ugly as a child

  • Hitler's Duality
    His duality manifested itself in many ways. He was capable of extreme kindness, in particular to children and animals; while at the same time being capable of extreme cruelty, brutality and fits of rage. While in one way being totally horrified at others believing him to be a liar, he would at the same time proudly boast that he would lie to anyone if it suited his purpose.

Although he suffered from extreme personal insecurity and fits of anxiety, mostly manifested through fear of being ridiculed, he also saw himself as knowing everything best. He hated being corrected and would blame anyone but himself for mistakes. His insecurity lead to his total unwillingness to change.

  • Discipline and Privacy
    One of the more unusual characteristics of Hitler was his total discipline at all times. He would not allow himself to be seen in any way that would, in his eyes, demean his dignity. He never let down his guard, not allowing others to see his real feelings. This lead to his total impersonality, which made real relationships impossible.

Even his fits of rage were usually calculated. Though an incredibly talented speaker, he was not interested in others and conversations usually turned out to be Hitler monologues.

  • Hitler's Hatred
    For some reason, his hatred was focused on particular groups; Jews, Marxists, Poles, Czechs, the French and intellectuals. This intense hatred was coupled with utter ruthlessness, a desire to destroy those he hated, and revenge.

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He was a great public speaker and he knew what he could do to help his followers and make them believe he is a good leader.
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The characteristics that Hitler displayed as a dictator were already evident in his early years. He was single-minded, relentless, ruthless, inflexible, extremely egotistical, unpredictable, long-winded and ready to gamble everything on a daring act. He refused to reverse decisions once he made them and stood by his decisions at every cost.
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Hitler was a political puppet, and a a great theatrical actor!

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