Did Adolf Hitler Have A Secret Bunker In Antarctica?


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Ever since the end of World War II, some have maintained that Adolf Hitler and his Nazis built a massive, secret bunker in Antarctica, which was used (and according to some conspiracy theorists) is still used by Nazis and people loyal to the former Third Reich. For example, in 1945, the Toronto Daily Star, one of the largest newspapers in Canada, claimed that Hitler had not committed suicide, but rather had escaped to Antarctica.

The US had, in fact, detonated three atomic bombs in this area in 1958 and many people believe that this decision was influenced by the belief that Nazis had escaped to the region and were hiding in a series of underground bunkers. Then in 2005, an article published in a magazine devoted to conspiracy theories claimed to have found Hitler's secret lair and went as far as to assert that the bunker was kept warm by volcanic heat and (incredibly) that there were people "scurrying about like ants" in the cavern.

This theory and all associated claims, however, are rejected by nearly all historians and scientists, including Dr. Colin Summerhayes, of Cambridge University. According to Summerhayes, the Nazis had every intention of building bunkers in Antarctica, but they never got around to it. Summerhayes and other scientists note that if the Germans would have headed to Antarctica after the end of World War II in 1945, they would have reached it in June, at which point the entire area is covered by a thick sheet of ice and is in total darkness.
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