How Were Jews Persecuted Under Adolf Hitler?


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In 1933, when the Nazis came to power, the persecution of Jews increased. The Nazis put slogans up making Jews feel unwelcome in their own country. For example, a poster saying 'Achtund Juden!' (Warning Jews) was put up in many public places. Cartoonist drew grotesque pictures of Jewish moneylenders in children's storybooks. In schools, the children were made to stand up in front of a blackboard slogan and say, " The Jew is our greatest enemy!" Racist biology textbooks were also used.

Pictures of popular Jews reading the viscously anti-Jewish newspaper edited by Julius Streicher were published in children's books. Even cinema films were used for anti-Semitic propaganda (e.g. 1940 film-The Eternal Jew). Nazis made Jews walk through the streets with a placard round their necks and there was a boycott of Jewish shops.
Jews had different park benches to other Germans, they were banned from swimming pools, and, in many cases, forced to leave their jobs.

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