Where Did Hitler Get The Idea Of Using The Swastika?


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As Hitler wrote in his book Mein Kampf, he brought the swastika flag before the public for the first time in the summer of 1920. He and his associates were very enthusiastic about their new banner with its ancient motif. He said: "Its effect was as that of a firebrand."
Hitler first saw this symbol during his childhood. Back then he lived in a small village close to the Benedictine monastery at Lambach, Upper Austria. For a while he was a choirboy there and lived at the monastery during the winter of 1897-1898. There, chiselled into the wall above the spring grotto in the courtyard, was the date 1860 together with a swastika. The symbol was also located on the monastery portal.
Further, the personal coat of arms of Abbot Theoderich Hagn of the monastery in Lambach bore a golden swastika with slanted points on a blue field. The symbol made a deep impression on the future dictator.
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Some say that the symbol of the Nazis is made by using the Christian cross.

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