What Did Hitler Believe In?


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He believed that anyone without blonde hair and blues eyes (the aryan race) was infererer to blonde hair blue eyes as blonde hair blues eyes to him were dominant people hence the look of his arm. Also he tried to wipe out anyone that wasn't a proper aryan so homosexual, jewish etc. He tried to get rid of the Jews as he thought they started world war 1 in which he fought.
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Adolf Hitler was a Catholic and brutally killed everyone who was not especially Jewish people. Thousands upon thousands of Jewish people were sent to concentration camps where they were sentenced to the firing squad or gassed.
He also believe that the Germans were superior over other races and people with blue eyes and blond hair were more superior.
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He believe that only german people were worth living he believed in blue eyes and blonde hair
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He believed in clean races. That means he did not believe in mixing races .
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Well that all imperfect people were evil, jews homosexuals ect. He also thought that all people with disabilities should be killed and yet he had a disabilities its called rad (reactive attachment disorder)
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He belived tht the aryan race was top and tht anyone eles was below tht he also beived tht the people should be completly dedicetd to there goverment
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Adolf Hitler believed that all McDonald's restaurants serving BIG MAC burgers should be exterminated (he was a vegetarian). 
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I have no idea,but from what I know he killed people who had brown hair and brown eyes,he killed people with disabilities cause he thought they weren't perfect (I think he killed them not so sure on that).Oh yeah and the obvious one is,is that he hated Jews.

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