What Kind Of Experiments Did Hitler Do To The Jews In Auschwitz's?


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Adolf Hitler never personally did an experiment on the Jews in Auschwitz. That job belonged to the doctors and most specifically, Dr. Josef Mengele. Mengele's favorite subject were twins. He would do all kinds of things to them. Some experiments included testing pressure on them, injecting ink in their eyes to see if he could change the color of their eyes, take on part of one twin and inject into the other twin, sew twins together and see how they would survive. He would also test to see if they could handle cold, hot, all kinds of conditions. He would inject poison directly into their hearts and examine what would happen. There are countless of other experiments that Mengele did and not only to twins. He would try fertility "treatments" and experiments. He did countless of experiments, all of which were cruel.
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Actually some experiments that were successful are used today like hpnotherminia. ( surviving from extreame cold water). About 15 years ago while in the private upstairs collectors books store l came accross this book that had graphic drawing of the human body in sections. It was beautifully done. L noticed the German swat sticker but still never made the connection until l was over 100 away from there. To my way of thinking they cut people open and made drawings of those parts. We must keep in mind  that the Japeneese as well our country did experments on people too.
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He also tried many different surgery's on one twin to see if the other twin would feel the pain.Out of 3000 twins only 200 individuals survived.

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