What Did They Do To The Victims In The Concentration Camps?


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There were many 'things' done to people in the German concentration camps of WW2. Their property was stolen, some were made to work to death. Some were used for sick and inhumane experiments, many were tortured. They were piled in gas chambers and killed. Others were shot or beaten to death. The list of atrocities is long and sickening. Many Germans deny any knowledge of it, but it is a well documented historical truth. Children who were considered useless, were often the first to be killed.
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To get a full accounting of what the Germans did to not only Jewish people but homosexuals, Christians, gypsy's you name it. They were bent on creating a master race. Any person that they felt was not worthy they killed. Sometimes slow and torturous other times quick with a bullet to the head. To get more information you should google the Museum of Tolerance here in Los Angeles. It would give you a more complete picture.
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Everything they got starved. Some moms had 2 hold up their babys and the Nazis would shoot at them. Some people got raped. Wiped hung put in a gas chamber and suffocated and more
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First, they were brought there by coercion. The Nazis were able to make the people who they forced to come to the camps usually by train to pay for the train tickets. Different concentration camps had different ways of dealing with the Jewish people.( There were also others brought to the concentration camp; anyone the Nazis thought were not acceptable)There were some camps for killing people. There were some camps that used the people for slave labor. In the camps for killing, men were separated from the women and children. Sometimes these two groups were divided again into those who would work and those who were to be killed. If people weren't killed right away, they were held in bunk houses and made to work often until they died. They got very little food and water, and were often killed or left to die. Much of the work they did involved helping with killing the other people, and then dealing with the bodies.

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