How Did People Diagnose Typhus In The Concentration Camps During The Holocaust?


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Nearly all deaths in the so-called concentration camps were due to the disease Typhus. That disease also killed nearly every German soldier taken as a prisoner by the Russians, and made to do forced labor in thier camps. In short, Typhus was out of control along the entire German-Russian front. Sanitation broke down as the armies destroyed nearly everything in thier paths, Hospitals were shuttered, water was contaminated etc. The camps themselves, did try to limit Typhus's spread. It spreads mainly by lice - hence shaving the prisoners hair off helped to limit Typhus outbreaks. Zyclon-B gas is an effective way of killing Typhus carrying lice in bed sheets and clothing - hence they used that gas to delouse clothing [and not gas people].

In total, offically 10 million died of Typhus. Of the holocaust's number of 6 million could likely add 4-5 million of that as death due to Typhus. Though thats not official.

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