What Are Some Decent Websites About Hitler And The Jews?


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The Jewish people have many customs that non Jews cannot understand. The way we dress, the foods we eat just two examples. We are a race apart. Our culture is four thousand years old. Judaism was practiced 2000 years before the time of Jesus Christ. We don't speak of Hitler, to the Jews he was the devil incarnate. However if you want learn more of Hitler and the Jews, I would check with my local PBS broadcast stations.
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Socrates please check out this site.

emma loveees youuu xo
This is why i hate religion...it just seperates people from each other :(
Stewart Pinkerton
True, Jews are Semites, but it's always entertaining to try to get a Jew to admit that he's racially identical to most Muslims - and of course to his Palestinian brothers, from whom Jews stole their land..
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I just watched Devil's Arithmetic and was very disappointed. I wanted a movie that better explained what the Nazis did to the Jews so that my daughter could have a better glimpse into the period. This movie dragged out, probably cost $25 to make and wasted 2 hours of our time. Does anyone have any suggestions for one movie pertaining to this subject that is interesting and moving.??
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Two very good movies and not too explicit. "Schindler's List" and "The diary of Ann Frank." Both show the plight of the Jews living in Hitler's Europe during WWII.
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Thanks. I can remember seeing Ann Frank and that was touching; but, I am looking for something with more activity. My daughter is a teenager so it needs to fast moving and to the point. You know, school does not do a fantastic job with this particular history and it is a sad thing that people are not telling something this important for it could so easily happen again to a group of people. Anyway, it is history that should NOT go UNTOLD. Tks
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That Was A Very Bitter, Dark Time In History. Many Innocents Were Held To Account For Their Beliefs.. We Don't Dare Forget This Kind Of Behavior; But Even More  To Task ; Never Repeat This Kind Of Persecution.. And Insidious Racism.. Ever Again. There Are Books At The Library That Discuss This  Heartbreaking Era.. Read Them To Learn   So You Never Feel As This Man Did..
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I don't know any websites but i do know information about the so called "Holocaust" . It was a very dark time when the Holocaust started. Hitler himself was a jew . He made a "perfect" race which was men and women with gold hair,blue eyes. Or if you want to find out more watch " the boy in the striped pajamas". It's a sad but true story based on the Holocaust.
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World war 2
germans over take the jews.
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Hi J_enn_a.Try these links and go on from there.google.com href="http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk" rel="external" target="_blank">www.historylearningsite.co.uk www.kimmel.net I hope you read and learn how evil people can be, for no reason except thier religion

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