How Did Hitler Establish His Dictatorship?


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The first step was taken on 23 March 1933 when the enabling laws were passed. Hitler was now able to make laws without asking for the consent of the Reichstag (parliament). On 7 April 1933 Hitler put Nazi officials in charge of the local governments that ran Germany's provinces. Following this, in early May, he closed down trade unions, took away their funds and put their leader in prison.
On 14 July, a law against the formation of new parties was passed, effectively making the country a one party state. This said that the Nazi Party was the only political party allowed to exist in Germany. Anyone who formed another party would be punished by three years of hard labour. On 30 June 1934, several SA leaders were arrested on the "Night of Long Knives". They were detained on Hitler's orders, taken to prison and shot. Finally, on 2 August the same year, Hitler became leader of the country after the death of Hindenburg. The army swear oath to him and Hitler gives himself the title of ' Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor'.

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