What Were The Reasons For The Defeat Of Germany In World War 1?


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The main reasons for the German defeat were:
- It faced with British blockade,
- There was a fierce resistance from the British and French Armies,
- US army has also entered
- The political unrest and starvation at home,
- The mutiny in the navy,
- And mounting defeats on battlefield.
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Germany had flat out won World War I. They offered peace to England. They had kicked France and Russia and the English were about to surrender, but Jews tricked America into the war. So it was after the war and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles that the Germans learned what had happened. Germany won World War won, but if country after country were going to jump into the fray after they defeated all the other countries you stand no chance. The same forces that caused the war brought America into the war.
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The attack of Hiroshima and naga saki japan by American atomic bom.and when germany attack on Moscow the september was st-rated and they havn t necessary equipment of cold area .because the Moscow is very cold and germ-on army back to berlin

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