What Were The Consequences Of World War 1?


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The world political, economical and social trend was totally changed. Many new region and territories were formed after the World War 1. Many countries use the Germany for trade because it was free at that time. Many new organizations were formed and their motive was to coordinate and gather different countries on the world peace forum. For more information check this website for details.
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World War 1 was one of the major wars of the world that involved almost all the countries of the world. It spanned over a period of 4 years as it started on 28 June, 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918.

The whole world got divided into two fronts. The first group was called the Entente or Allied Power which included Russia, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Japan and United States. The second group was known as the Central Power and it included countries such as Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and Italy.

This major global conflict resulted in a number of losses both of infrastructure and human lives.  It Caused 5,525,000 deaths on the Allied Front and 4,386,000 deaths on the Central Front. Apart from that 12,831,500 people were wounded on the Allied Front and 8,388,000 people were wounded on the Central front.

The war ended as a result of a peace treaty called Armistice Treaty. The Allied were victorious. As a result of this war, the German Empire, Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empires came to an end. New countries were formed in the Middle East and Europe due to dissolution of Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empires. In order to maintain peace further on, League of Nations was established.
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Technically. It didn't end....Germany used the time to re-arm because the treaty they signed was tearing Germany apart

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The major consequence of WW I was WW II. Second there was rise of centrism, militarism and some dominant countries. The war caused the breakdown of 4 empires German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman.
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The main consequence was that they didnt have much family so they couldnt mate and have babys so people and the population died so yeah it was pretty intense ~!!!!!!
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The consequences were that there was many soldiers wounded and many deaths and all the alliances breaking up.

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