Why Did Russia Withdraw From WWI And How Did That Affect Germany?


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Just to add... Russia withdrew from the war in late 1917 with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.
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Russia Withdrew because of the Collapse of the Czarist Regime. After this, the established provisional government tried to continue the fight but suffered a crushing defeat. Bolshevik revolution... The communist party killed the royal family... Lenin signed an agreement with german so he could go back to russia and be the leader and stuff.... Lenin didnt care about the war and neither did the people.... The people wanted peace and food...When Lenin and the Bolsheviks took over, they withdrew from the war because they realized it was the only way to make peace and because they thought they'd get the land back due to their goal to create a universal uprising of the proletariat (working class).The outcome of the war deeply hurt Germany and it people because during the World War 1 Germany went through inflation which affected its economy greatly. After the Treaty of Versailles and the Paris Peace Treaty all of the blame was formally put on Germany and Germany was blamed for the cause of the war. People in Germany began to resent the fact that they alone were blamed for the war which caused the rise of Hitler and the second World War. World war one did not have a big effect on germany .because Germany was sucked

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