Why did Stalin decide that Russia had to industrialize rapidly? Why did this require collectivization of agriculture? Was the policy a success? How did it affect Russian people? Why did Stalin carry out the great purges?


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He needed to do that because he wanted to be in league with Britain and france which were alreay industrialized and he wanted to join them to play with the big boys so to speak it required collectivization of farm land so he and his goverment could regulate the production and make sure quotas could be met yea it was a success because Russia (than soviet union) had a booming economy but the effects on the people were horrid many died of over working many were killed for disobeying him no one trusted any one hunger was ever where the rich and poor were hungry and dirty and it was just a horrid situation and he carried out the great purges Were carried out because like I said no one could be trusted Stalin became paranoid that spies were everywhere and that his most trusted people were the ones stabbing him in the back also during his reign many People were killed in a genocide against the people of Ukraine and other states they occupied Hopes this helps

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