What Did Stalin Achieve For Russia?


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Tauseef Sheikh answered
Stalin was the key figure in recent Russian History. He was a fine dictator. And he made the determination of Russian people stronger than before. You can get more details about Stalin in the link given below
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A Patt answered
Because he murdered and led to uncountless deaths of his own people as a thug, it can never be believed that he did anything good for his own people. Same for Hitler, Saddam, and other heartless dictators.
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Beside killing more people in Russia than Hitler, terrorising the population, effing up the economy, destroying the farmers lives, he did manage to industrialise Russia in a short time, even if the actual products were kind of dodgy.
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A lot russia ecomy was in the best place with stalin even though his polices killed millions and he was a bad person the econ was boombing

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