What Were The Effects Of First World War On East Asia, Middle East, And South Asia?


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World war 1(1914-1919) had resulted in the following blows.
As Turkey joined the Germans ,the Muslims of South Asia decided to support it.They felt estranged about their British rulers..When war resulted in the defeat of Germany, the Ottoman Empire was dismembered by a " Treaty of Serves" in 1920.This gave rise to tensions in South Asia .A full scale "Khilafat movement" was started by the Muslims and "Non-co-operation movement was started by Hindus.
In Russia ,Czar 's Government was overthrown and in the end "Bolsheviks" took the control of Russia.
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This is an extremely complex question that can't be adequately answered in just a hundred words, or so.  The effects of the First World War were extraordinarily far reaching and changed political, cultural, and social order dramatically.  New countries were formed as old ones crumbled.  Some countries lost much land and others gained it.  People changed their outlook toward the world and other countries and international organisations were founded.  Wikipedia has quite a thorough entry on WWI that you might find of interest: en.wikipedia.org

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