Were There Flies In The Trenches In World War One?


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Of coarse there were flies, they were all around with all the  carcases and toilets the flies were a massive problem. As soon as you open your mouth to eat there would instantly be flies in your mouth and/or on your food.
I respect the men that went to war they are truly hero's, I hate flies and the didnt even have fly spray!
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Yes, there were flies in the trenches of World War 1. During that time 1917-1918 there was a worldwide flu pandemic, which killed millions worldwide, I am sure some of the diseases that the men died of may have been spread by flies and mosquitoes. Anytime you have blood, feces, decaying flesh, or food, there will be flies.
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Although your screen name is pencil, you are very talented with a keyboard. You made some excellent points with this answer.
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Yes flies in the trenches ww1 were a problem. It has been said that there was a constant buzzing in the trenches and that soldiers used to eat them if they were starving.
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Of course there were flies! Good question! During WWI, there was warfare called "trench warfare." this was where the soldiers would live in the trenches that they dug themselves. Since they lived there, they went to the bathroom there, ate there, and even sometimes died there. That would really attract the flies. Again, good question! I hope my answer helps!!!

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