What Was The Gas Mask For In World War One?


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Gas masks were made in order to avoid the poisonous gas. The mask gave protection by being dipped in anti-gas chemical.
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The gas was Mustard Gas
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The gas used was Mustard gas that had a burning effect. This made it difficult to breathe and burned the eyes.
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The Germans developed a type of chemical warfare in WW1. The toxic and painful gas used on the enemy was Mustard Gas. This gas burned the lungs, causing eventual death, if not immediate death. This is the same Gas Sadham Hussein used on the Kurds a couple decades ago. Men Women and Children to the tune of 10,000 in villages in Iraqi territory, a good question to ask would be why the you.N. Did nothing about that situation. Mustard gas also burns the skin and eyes. American Soldiers were issued gas masks for this reason in WW1.
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So that when they let the poison gas off they didn't get any of it
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Gas masks were so that soldiers when attacked by the germans Mustard gas, could be protected.
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They used the masks to protect them against gases used by the germans. The first were crude and were , but towards the end of the war, they were improved. The gases crept inside the body and tore the insides apart. Some soldiers who had no masks urinated on a cloth, and tied it around their mouth and nose, and breathed through them . Some soldiers wore them to protect against early flamethrowers, but it hardly ever worked.

Swear to god its all true!

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