When Did East Germany Unify With West Germany?


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The Berlin Wall, which divided East (the German Democratic Republic) from West (the Federal Republic) Germany, fell on 9 November 1989. There was general rejoicing, and a huge influx of East Germans into the West.

On 3 October 1990, the two separate countries officially became one. At midnight, huge numbers of East Germans walked through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, to celebrate the fact that they were now free to do so. 3 October has been a public holiday ever since.

Unfortunately reunification has led to severe economic and social problems as the two very different states struggle to work together. Nevertheless, it is hoped that ultimately a united Germany will be stronger than it was before reunification.
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When Did East Germany Unify With West Germany?
Thats easy!

East Germany unify with west germany if estgermans Television
and Newspapers are more liberal to the east.
Every migrants in germany can celebrate her religion and meanings.
Only eastgermans and turks had to Integrate.
With integration the Westgermans means acclimatization.
So its smell....

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