What did the yalta pact do to germany?


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Probably the most important thing that the Yalta Pact did to Nazi Germany was end the war.

  • The first point of agreement in the pact was the 'Unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany', and the members of the conference planned to divide Germany into four occupied territories after the country fell.
  • The pact also stated that Germany would be demilitarized and 'denazified' - that is, the removal of all National Socialist ideology, propaganda, media, politics etc. For a country that had been under Nazi rule for some time, this was clearly to be a big change for the people. The pact aimed to destroy the Nazi doctrine that had been placed over the people of Germany, and the demilitarization was to stop the wrong people gaining the means to begin a third world war.
  • After this, Germany was to pay war reparations in the form of forced labor, where the country would be responsible for repairing and reversing the damage it had dealt during the fighting.
  • A final point of the pact was the consideration of the dismemberment of Germany - something which would potentially see the country split into six individual nations. This of course never came to fruition.
Many of the points of the Yalta Pact never quite came to be - for example, 14 of the Soviet Socialist Republics were denied membership of the United Nations - but the points involving the surrender of Germany, its disarmament and the removal of anything related to National Socialism were clearly pursued as priorities.

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