What Can The Government Do To Prevent The World Water Crisis?


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There are several initiatives which a government can take to prevent this water crisis. Government should implement some ways through which population in an economy can be controlled. To avoid population growth the government should check the reasons of increase in population. Population growth is more higher in the Eastern Southern countries. Families in developing countries want more children because they consider them the income earners in future. According to a famous quotation,

"Ruined is the destination towards which all people rush"

Therefore, these people should made aware of the problems which they can face with increase in population. Different committees can be organized to deliver messages to nation. Monetary aid should be provided to these people who give birth to children to increase a source of income. I think, if this population issue is solved water issues can be reduced.

Government can also stop the use of such processes and tools which create pollution. This will control the worsening of climate. One technological solution which the government can implement is the desalination.  

Government can also use a market approach for water management. However, this can create issues for low income groups. But with proper ways this aspect can also be considered.

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Amber22's brief essay reflects a fantasy world of solutions.
Greed created the situation we as a nation and the world are in and only education, prudent spending habits, self-restraint in spending, very wise careful and prudent as well as conservative investing, conservation of energy and resources, as well as encouraging re-newable clean energy will begin to aleviate our national crises.
It is the responsibility of governments to measure the use and allocation of resources, and to make recommendations for policy to policy makers based on the measured use of resources. If governments restrict the free trade of resources by law then those whom cannot afford the resources will simply be without possibly commodities they need.  
Measuring the effects of Global warming as well as to inform policy makers of the problem with global climate change in the Unites States is an example of the function of government, The government cannot tell the consumer not to purchase petroleum distillate's as it is a restriction of free trade to do so, it is the responsibility of the government to inform policy makers of the effects of the use of petoleum distillates and to make recommendations as to additives to fossil fuels to increase mileage, completely combust the fuels used in various modes of transportation to decrease fossil fuel emissions, clean the engine of the various types of vehicles used in various types of transportation. As an example of a reasonable law for the public, government entities suggested to policy makers lead be removed from fossil fuels to combat air pollution. Eventually consumers began purchasing lead free fuel without government intervention.
To solve the water crisis we must learn to conserve our water, use the water we need and no more in order that other consumers are able to do the same. To a large extent global climate change is responsible for water crises.

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