What Can The Government Do To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?


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Darrell answered
Teach kids to use CONDOMS.
Teach kids how to correctly use CONDOMS.
Nothing else has been proven more effective for so little money.
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grace doyle answered
I am 17 and pregnant, and tbh you can't really do anything about it. The sex age is 16, and I think thats the age it should stay. Condoms don't always work, The implant had failed as we have proved, and you can even get pregnant off the pill. So there is really nothing you can do, also you can't stop two people having sex, especially if you don't know. Also its down to the parents to tech the kids how to have "safe" sex, round todays era most adults/parents don't want to talk to there children about it, they think its always down to the school.

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