What Is The Difference Between Developing Countries And Developed Countries?


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A developing country normally has comparatively low level of affluence and more unemployment rate. In developing countries, there is low per capita income, poverty, less education level and low capital formation. Such countries are fighting to get these things, but might not have reached them. These countries are usually suffered from war, disease, poverty, natural disasters, etc.

The developed/advanced countries have developed economies. They have technological improvements, excellent roads, a steady government etc. This level of economic development usually translates into a High GDP per capita (average income), Good education, Good health-care, and Death & birth rate are almost the same.
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Developing countries have less standard of living and income.
Moreover, they have a high rate of birth and death.
Developing also have a high rate of unemployment and inflation because of the few investments in the country.
Furthermore, GDP per capita (average income) is very low,therefore education and health aren't sufficiently provided

in developed countries the rate of birth and death is almost the same therefore the population isn't big, therefore money is supplied among people over the poverty rate, which means there is a good standard of living. This makes education and health more sufficient to the economy. The developedd countries also have a huge amount of exports which increases the ,money flow in the country, and the imports decrease which increases aggregate demand(GDP) or national income. This will increase the GDP per capita(average income)
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Developing countries are those that have not attain the maturity stage  in terms of high eduction,high capital formation,high pa-ca pita income,and the poverty levels
developed countries are countries that have fully attain the maturity stage in terms of technology level,income levels,education levels, and production levels are all high.
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Those countries with well developed industries,high proportion of   their  populations living in urban areas and agriculture which is likely to be highly mechanised and with little or no subsistence farming is called Developed countries.

The poorer countries in which many economic developements continue to take place and which are likely to be in debt to the world bank  and foreign countries for the loans necessary for these developments
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The most important characteristic of developing countries is that it has low per capita income. In addition, people in developing countries usually have poor health and short life expectancy have low levels of literacy, and suffer from malnutrition.The key source of data for understanding the major players in the world economy, as well as important indicators of underdevelopment. Countries are grouped into the categories of low income, and high-income economies.

A number of interesting features emerge from the table. Clearly low-income countries are much poorer than advanced countries like the United States. People in countries with the lowest average incomes earn only about one twentieth as much as people in high-income countries. In addition, many social and health indicators show the effects of poverty in low-income nations. Life expectancy is low, and educational attainment and literacy are modest, reflecting low levels of investment in human capital.

Some remain at the ragged edge of starvation these are the poorest countries like Chad, Bangladesh, or Somalia. Other countries that were in that two or three decade's age have graduated to the rank of middle-income countries. The more successful ones Hong Kong, South Korea etc.
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The outstanding difference  is :
Under developing  focus on the developing techniques to improve living standard ,huge employment rate. And development is common problem of developing countries.
While , in case of developed countries growth is problem of developed country and focus on growth very much.
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The income level and standard of living
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Different between developed and developing countries

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Developed are AWESOME.
Developing are POOR and SUCKS.

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