With The Current Threat Of Terrorism, Etc., Should The US Combine All The Police Agencies Into One National Police Organization?


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mike carlsen answered
I think that would be a dangerous thing because it would concentrate too much power in the hands of one agency. It's bad enough we have the department of homeland security now. What would have been a better move, and far cheaper, would have been to streamline and improve the computer systems to be able to have the different departments e able to share information.  One bureaucracy only succeeded in making government bigger (I thought republicans were  for smaller government?) and corrupting power.
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Brian answered
Absolutely NOT. Think of the work load. That is why we have different agencies for different things. ATF: Alcohol, tobacco and firearms, DEA: Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, CIA, State Police, County Police and Local police. This umbrella of law enforcement make it much easier.

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