Should The United States Combine All The Police Agencies Into One National Police Organization?


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mike carlsen Profile
mike carlsen answered
I don't think so. That would be just one more step towards a police state or fascism. Combining all those security agencies under the department of homeland security was a bad move also. That increased the size of government. Caused more red tape. And this from the party that wants smaller government? A wiser move would have been to just have increased the flow of communication between agencies. But there I go thinking again ;) lol!
wilbert u can call me sue Profile
I think that government in states have agencies like FBI and CIA which will oversea something serious that is happening in different states.  Like the way we have the RCMP and Cissus, (forget how its spelled) here.  Not all states can have the exact same laws because of different environments.  I.e.  Can't have a snow removal parking law in florida  lol
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Kurtis answered
It's also against the Constitution.

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