How Do You Flip Someone Off In German?


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In exactly the same way you would in the rest of the world; place your feet shoulder width apart, keeping your back straight, bending at the knees and interlock your fingers with your palms facing upwards. When the person you are flipping places their foot in your hands, quickly and forcefully upwards, thus propelling your colleague in to a successful backwards flip.

Wait, we're not talking about Bavarian cheerleading here are we? More like 'flipping the bird' right?

Well, the classic middle finger salute will serve you in Germany just as well as in the rest of developed world. It's not simply down to the predominance of American cinema for its standing in Western culture, for flipping the bird has great history. It is documented in Ancient Roman scriptures as references to the 'impudent digit', or 'digitus impudicus' as they had it written down.

The 'OK' sign, thumb and index finger formed in a circle, middle, ring and little fingers splayed upwards is an insult in Turkey and some South American countries. As Germany is home to the largest concentration of Turkish diaspora in the world, this sign may be applied successfully.

You may also wish to try the 'figa', a Russian insult where the thumb goes between the index and middle fingers of a clenched fist, as it is spreading round the world.

Bear in mind that even in the 21st century, swearing and gesturing in public is still something of a social faux-pas and may even land you in trouble with the law. Only flip someone off when you're confident that you can do so with no legal ramifications or without being smacked.

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