Currently, How Many Veterans Are Still Alive From Vietnam?


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Quote from the Chicago Tribune:
“According to data from the VA, 58 percent of the 490,135 Vietnam veterans who died from 2000 to 2007 were younger than 60.”,0,2356181.stor
From the statistics we find on the internet over 2/3 of those servicing in South East Asia during the Vietnam War have died, why?  What is the explanation for this?   Has the affects of Agent Orange finally caught up to them, or is this a result of the current war triggering PTSD from their time in service causing suicides or stress that has triggered diseases that are ending their lives???
To better understand the numbers above and why we may have not seen this before understand that we are not talking about “Vietnam Era Veterans” which represent everyone who served in the military during the Vietnam war “Anywhere" in the world.  The number we are talking about above have been hidden within the total of Vietnam Era Veterans with the VA.   We are just talking about those who served in South East Asia (SEA).   The VTO (Vietnam Theater of Operation) veterans, those who were awarded the Vietnam Service Medal by the Department of Defense.  They are “In-country” Vietnam Veterans.  Those physically in Vietnam or their direct support, “TLC Veterans”, which is Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, or “Off-shore”  blue water Navy.  They were all part of those who served in SEA and awarded the Vietnam Service Medal (VSM).   You have to qualify the statistic by VSM to see the numbers.  They are those with the Agent Orange exposures and the life time PTSD issues.  At this rate most of them will be gone within just a few short years.  They are dying at an alarming rate.
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Most Viet vets would be about 60 ish by now.  If they weren't affected with wounds or contaminants during the war, the death rate should be about the same as non-Viet vets.
So I would find the percentage of normal males that survive to 60 (maybe 85% or so) and multiply it times the number of Vietnam era military enlistees and inductees.

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