Why Are Veterans So Important?


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Veterans are men or women that have at some time given up part of their civil liberties to serve the military of their country.

They are important because in most societies, veterans are volunteers that agree to forfeit these numerous liberties and agree to serve their country either at home or overseas often carrying out tasks with the real possibility of death or serious injury.

In return for this service, the veteran should expect the deapest respect of the nation, in the UK, this is called the Code of Covenant.  This is a code that states that all veterans are looked after and appreciated.
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Speaking as a veteran, I would say that in the U.S., many veterans are not volunteers--draftees gave equal sacrifice (maybe more since most went to the fighting lines, some enlistees got better assignments).      The way veterans are treated has a big impact on enlistments in the services, just as a potential employee would look at retirement benefits when considering which company would be best to work for.

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