What Are Some Sacrifices Veterans Make In War?


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As a veteran I will answer in this way, A war veteran puts his life on the line for Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Fellow soldiers, and Self.
He is sacrificing a secure living at home with a family.
Most times he is sacrificing his health and safety to complete the task. He sacrifices having warm meals, a dry snug place to sleep, clean comfortable clothing, personal hygiene, his youth, his personal security, and many other things. This is the American Fighting Man. God Bless our Troops and Our Veterans, without them America would surely perish.
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Thanks for the answer Debossman, it really helped. I'll let you know if i get the grand prize. (although i highly doubt it)
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My stepfather is a war veteran and he was held prisoner. They literally put their life on the line for the sake of others no matter the outcome.

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