What Is The 300,p.o. Box 11469,phoenix Az?


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Do not send any of your hard-earned money to the 300 aka "The Mercury Project”. This is a scam. The owner of this P.O. Box has been known to send out many types of scams to unsuspecting individuals. These scams promise easy money - work from home opportunities or "get rich quick schemes”. You may be asked to send money first or give out your credit card information. You should do neither. The only person making money off this deal is the owner of Box 11469 in Phoenix Arizona.

The 300 is also known as Mendel’s Razor, The 99 Day Bailout Program, and The Daily Billionaire. The most commonly used name is The Mercury Project. The Mercury Project is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has been given the rating of "F” by the BBB. The Mercury Project also has twenty-two consumer complaints.

These scams often take advantage of people in financial need or senior citizens. They are not legitimate businesses and have caused many people embarrassment and financial loss.

There are a few things to remember when you get email or mail offers that can help you avoid being scammed. If a business asks for money up-front for you to work from home, then this is a scam. There are some legitimate work-from-home opportunities, but no one should ever ask you to send money first. If a business claims you can make millions with very little time and effort (just send some money up front) then this is also a scam.

The truth is it takes time and work to get rich and hardly anyone "gets rich quick”. If you are looking for work or investment opportunities, you will need to put effort into researching these options. If you send $35 to the Mercury Project, you won’t be any closer to personal wealth - in fact you will just have lost $35. Keep your money and focus your efforts on finding a real job or real investments.

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