What Were The Emerging Challenges Faced By Independent India?


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As soon as the British left India, there were many problems to be faced by the country.
1. The partition- India and Pakistan were divided and the British created a problem by announcing that everyone should decide whether they should live in India or in Pakistan. So there were millions of refugees without homes in India, who had come from Pakistan.
Nearly 10 lakh people were killed in the border.

2.Forming a constitution- India was under British rule and did not have a constitution which was in favour of Indians. So a constituent assembly was set up. It had to write a constitution which would go on smoothly in the long run. When the constitution was being written, the future of India did not look as secure as it does today. The constitution makers had anxieties of the present and the future of the country.

3.Merging of Princely States- the British had left it to the rulers of the princely states to decide whether they wanted to join India or Pakistan or remain independent. The merge of these states was uncertain an a difficult task.

3.Segregation of States- Now it was time to segregate the whole of India into states. It was a huge confusioon at first as they were separated on the basis of the place people stayed. But later on , people were divided on the basis of their language into 28 states.

4.Choosing the national Language- it was a confusion to decide want national language of India should be. At first it was chosen as English, but the poor sections of people were not well versed in the language. So Hindi was chosen.

5.Poverty was even at that time a major problem. Indians were emerging from the status of subject(of the British) to that of citizens. They were in a diverse country with extreme inequalities and many similarities. It was not an easy affair to unify and control this huge and diverse country.
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