What Does Henri And Regan Young Look Like Now?


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The Young acting brothers, both 13 this year, starred in the movie Aliens in the Attic. No recent picture exists on the Internet, as all the stills are either headshots or from the actual movies, so the best way may be to send off for a signed photo either by email or by post, stating your curiosity into seeing how they look.

Their Internet Movie Database biographies are summarized as follows: "Regan has a timeless sense of humor and a glow that can best be described as infectious. What started as a love of acting in school plays soon evolved into a passion for professional theatre, especially musical comedies like The Producers or Spam-a-lot. Regan most recently performed at Geva Theater in Rochester, NY, in the production of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

In addition to acting Regan is a gifted artist, a talented drummer and has been ski racing for more than half of his life. Like his twin, he insists on performing his own stunts. From master of improvisation to an endless resource of Beatles and Star wars trivia, Regan Young never ceases to entertain.”

"Henri is the kind of guy that loves a good entrance and lives for a healthy laugh. He also can be an incredibly focused and diligent student both of life as well as the arts. One thing is for certain, he was born to entertain. Henri plays the bass and electric guitar and sings with the heart of a rock star. His love of music is second only to his passion for acting. Henri got his start in acting at Geva Theater in Rochester, NY, performing in the 2006 and 2007 production of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

43 shows in a row will get anyone up to speed and at the top of their game. Henri enjoys ski racing, competitive wrestling, baseball, and insists on performing his own stunts. He's a ball of energy with a wit to boot and can't wait to sink his teeth into the next great adventure.”
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I think they the way I see them in televion is that they are nice funny and they are to little to be 14 years old they look like they are 12.
I really want to meet them I think they are the best.

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