What Were The Names Of Queen Victoria's Children?


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Queen Victoria was married to Prince Albert, with whom she had nine children - five girls and four boys. These children were called Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise, Edward Albert, Alice Maud Mary, Alfred Ernest Albert, Helena Augusta Victoria, Louise Caroline Alberta, Arthur William Patrick Albert, Leopold George Duncan Albert and Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore. These children then went on to give Queen Victoria 42 grandchildren. The Queen was survived by six of her children and 37 of her grandchildren.

Monarch of the United Kingdom and Ireland from 20th June 1837 until her death, Queen Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward. Her reign lasted for 63 years and 7 months, a period that is the longest of any British monarch and the longest for a female monarch in the world. Even within such a large family, all of her nine children and 26 of her grandchildren married into royalty and continued her family's reign across the continent and she became known as the 'grandmother of Europe'.

Queen Victoria was blamed for causing some diminishment of royalty when she isolated herself from the public in the aftermath of her mother and husband's deaths. Her seclusion to the royal residences encouraged an increase in the republican movements and although she continued to carry out official government duties, the monarchy was becoming less established and admired. The establishment of the Third French Republic further boosted the Republicans status and public awareness, causing rallies that demanded the Queen's removal. Ten years late, Victoria was still obviously grieving about her husband's death and became increasingly isolated when she feared that her son Edward would die. Edward survived his illness and as a way of rejoicing, Queen Victoria made a public appearance in a thanksgiving service. This appearance caused her popularity to increase and as a result the republic feeling began to subside.
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1840 - Victoria Adelaide Mary (Princess Royal)
1841 - Albert Edward (future King Edward VII)
1843- Alice Maud Mary
1844- Alfred Ernest Albert
1846 - Helena Augusta Victoria
1848 - Louise Caroline Alberta
1850 - Arthur William Patrick
1853 - Leopold George Duncan
1857 - Beatrice Mary Victoria
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Queen Victoria had nine children, Princess Victoria being the first who was born on 21november 1840, Edward VII as the second and then Princess Alice. The group of brothers and sisters were then followed by the birth of Prince Alfred, Princess Helena, Princess Louise, The Prince Arthur, The Prince Leopold and Princess Beatrice.

The Queen was married to Prince Albert on 1840 in St. James Palace. She ruled Great Britain and Ireland from June 20th 1837 till 1901. Her sixty three years of reign marked a great development of the British Empire. Even the great impact of the Industrial Revolution brought about massive reformations in the socio- economic and technological growth of the society during her rule. On June 28th 1838, Victoria's coronation took place following a grand ceremony.
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Elizabeth William
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She had eleven children but only 9 lived to adulthood. Princess Victoria, Prince Albert who became Edward Vll, Princess Alice, Prince Alfred, Princesses Helena, Louise,Prine Arthur, Prince Leopold and Princess Beatrice.
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