What Was The Names Of Queen Victoria's Grandchildren?


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The Kizer Wilhelm ii, Charlotte of Prussia, Hendric of Prussia, Sigmond of Prussia, Victoria of Prussia, Sophia Queen of Grease, Margaret of Prussia, Waldemar of Prussia, Albert Victor Duke of Clarence, George V King of Great Briten, Louise Princess Royal, Victoria of Wales, Maud Queen of Norway, Alexander John of Wales, Victoria of Minford Haven, Earnest LouisDuke of Hess & Rhine, Elizabeth Grand Duchess Serge of Russa, Irene Princess Hendric of Prussia, Alexandra Czarena of Russia, Mary Victoria of Hess & Rhine, Fredrick of Hess & Rhine, Alfred of Edinbourgh, Marie Queen of romaia, Victorai Malta Gran Duchess Ciral of Russia, Alexadra of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Beatrice of Spain, Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein, Albert of Schleswig-Holstein, Helena Victoria, Marie Louise of Anhalt, Margart Crown Princess of Sweden, Authura of Counnaught, Victoria Patrica Ramsay, charles Edward Duke of Saxe Coburg-Gotha, Alice of Atholne, alexander of Cranbrooke, Victoria Queen of Spain, Leopold of Batrenbug, Maurice Mountbatten

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