What Was Queen Victoria's Interested In As A Young Girl?


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Queen Victoria had a great love for ballet and opera. As a young girl in the 1820s and 30s she attended performances sometimes three times a week in London. She liked to sketch pictures of the performers in her sketchbooks and wrote enthusiastic reviews. Her favourite ballerina was Marie Taglioni and she had a collection of ballet dolls. Her love for opera eclipsed ballet as she grew older. At Princess Victoria's16th birthday party, her favourite singer, Giulia Grisi, performed. Princess Victoria took singing lessons for twenty years.

Drawing and painting was another of Princess Victoria's passions. Many of her drawings and watercolour paintings survive. As was customary for aristocratic young girls in the 1800's, she received lessons in art. Her pictures are far from average however; they reflect accomplished skill. She often sketched figures and landscapes from her travels. Besides aesthetic value, Princess Vicoria's artwork offers a fascinating view of her daily life.

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